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Brief Organizational Description:
VOWS Foundation is dedicated to inspiring black and brown communities to: live a life of power through trauma release methods, gain awareness through emotional education exercises and learn empathy through community outreach and volunteerism.

Volunteer Position Description and Purpose:
Minds and Mentors is a youth program held every summer where we teach children the power of their mind. How thoughts become feelings, feelings become actions and actions become reality.

Volunteer Duties & Responsibilities:
Cares Closet volunteers will be folding and hanging clothes, organizing and sanitizing shoes, organizing Minds in Motion volunteers are expected to have a genuine care and love for our youth. To care enough to be gentle with their minds. It is easier to build up a child than to fix a broken adult.

Qualifications, Skills, & Requirements:
CPR certified is welcome but no qualifications or skills needed, just a smile and a desire to help. Small background checks will be performed as we are near minors.

Time Commitment:
Saturdays 9am-4pm
If that day and time doesn’t work for you we are willing to work with you and provide shifts.

Other Information (if applicable):
As a new volunteer with VOWS you will go through a brief virtual training of who we are and what we expect. Once registered to volunteer, check your email for the link.
No special attire recommended, just come appropriate to be around children and ready to tidy up.

We are a 501c3 non profit organization and are able to provide proof of volunteer hours if needed.

Thank you so much for choosing us! See you soon!

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