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The VOWS Foundation hosts events focused on: trauma release methods, emotional education and community outreach and volunteerism.

upcoming Events

  • Trash Wars
    Trash Wars
    Sat, May 15
    May 15, 2021, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Richmond, Richmond, VA, USA
    Join us for a community clean-up competition-style! There will be competing teams, each led by one of our Board members. Each team will clean up a different area of Richmond or Henrico. The team that picks up the most trash wins — bragging rights all year long!

PAST Events

vows annual dinner

At VOWS’s Annual Dinner we celebrate Omontre' Stevenson's transition, go over how VOWS has honored his legacy over the past year and how we look forward to continuing to honor his legacy in the years to come. There will be dinner, info, awards and decoration of lanterns to be released to honor Omontre'. 

This annual dinner is an invite-only event for supporters, donors, vendors, partners and volunteers. Don't miss out on the next one! Get involved with VOWS! 


Manifest & Mimosas

VOWS Annual Manifest and Mimosas is held to help our community create their visions for the New Year! We create a space to allow everyone’s mind to explore the endless possibilities of their future, future selves, and future accomplishments. During this event, we listened to empowering music, had a few mimosas and snacks and crafted our vision boards!

It was a vibe you couldn’t miss — be sure to join us next year!




Our free annual community event in remembrance of Omontré and his love for Juneteenth and running! Thank you to all of our runners, donors, vendors and volunteers that made this happen!

Over 40 people ran the 5K, totaling 120+ miles ran. We had a variety of vendors, food, music, games, mental health resources and more!

Join us next year for even more fun!



Our annual community clean-up competition-style! Our board members assembled teams to clean up neighborhoods around the city. The team that pickS up the most trash tAKES home the gold. We had 8 teams total and over 30 bags of trash. Team Kim took first place this year! Join us next year for more fun and service.


Let's see who will beat Team Kim next year!