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juneteeth Jamboree!

saturday june 19th 2021
10AM - 2pM

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The Juneteenth Jamboree is a free community event for everyone. There will be a 5k marathon to jump start the event, as well as food, music, games and mental health resources. As VOWS Foundation, we are inspiring our communities to live powerfully. Come and be part of something BIG!!!

Our event is dedicated to the Juneteenth holiday, we are working together to emphasize the importance in our community. We are steadily working to inspire our black and brown communities to live a life of power through trauma release methods by educating and raising awareness through community outreach and volunteerism.

We cannot do it alone! We need our community to rally around us once a year to help keep that work going.


juneteeth 5k

saturday june 19th 2021
8AM - 10aM

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